How Attention to Detail & Form Enhances Your Workouts

We’re usually inclined to say “Don’t sweat the small stuff” in the name of mental clarity, but when it comes to your daily workouts, it’s the small details that really make all the difference.  

P.volve workouts are so highly focused on getting every move exactly right not just for the sake of good form, but for what comes after it: a stronger workout and sustainable, transformative results. Keeping your hips internally rotated will lead to more flexion in your hips, a deeper step back will engage the glute more and reaching your arm that much further will open up the chest for better posture. You’ll often hear trainers calling out these cues, but getting every detail right isn't always easy when just watching someone else without corrections as an option.

That’s why we developed our newest form-focused product, the Precision MatIn the same way that trainers correct your form in class, this product will help you optimize every move for the strongest results possible. We often use the numbers on a clock face in reference to foot positioning and placement in order to properly engage and activate the muscles. This mat uses larger numbers to help follow those cues even more, and various dots and lines for increased length and threshold in every movement.

The mat is beneficial at all stages of your P.volve journey. The more advanced you become, the more this mat will teach you about how to optimize and maximize moves for even better results. Below, check out three moves that show how to enhance your workout with perfect form, and how the Precision Mat will get you there. 

Keep depth and length in all movements using the numbers, lines and dots as a guide.

Reach your threshold in stepping patterns while standing 

Use in conjunction with all other pieces of equipment to ensure proper positioning.

Purchase your Precision Mat hereNew to P.volve? Start perfecting your form with our new Foundations with the Precision Mat program, now on demand.