Happy Earth Day, P.squad!

There’s no day quite like Earth Day to really makes us all stop and smell the roses, grab some fresh air, take in our surroundings and appreciate all that this planet of ours has to offer.


In my opinion, Earth Day should truly be every day. No matter what part of the world you’re from, it’s all the same world and we’re all in this together; it’s home to all of us. It supplies us with everything we could ever need, from farm fresh food to shelter supplies, mineral-rich spring water to the abundant wildlife that keeps it all in balance. 


Believe or not, nature’s beauty maintains itself, so long as we allow it to do so. Unfortunately, while we as humans are in fact a part of nature, our modern way of life is not. A large part of our infrastructures, industries and processes all interfere with this balance. 


Earth Day is no doubt a day to celebrate, but by it’s very nature (no pun intended), it’s also the one day of the year that really puts all of those Earth-degrading processes in the spotlight. It forces us to pay attention to how much waste and pollution we are producing on a daily basis, and how it is impacting everything from our soil, water and air (and thus our health) to the endangerment of certain species. It’s great that we have a day devoted to recognizing all of this, but one day is not enough— it’s our job to check in with how we are all doing every single day. 


I myself am certainly guilty of not always being so cognizant of these things, but I’m making a consistent effort to change that on both a personal level and at P.volve. Little things you can do each day, such as choosing to recycle a plastic cup or better yet using a paper cup, buying organic produce when possible, opting for plant-made or metal straws over plastic, and taking shorter showers may all seem like insignificant actions in the moment, but they all add up!


Today especially, the P.volve team and I are doing what we can to give back to our home. Today, we got everybody out of the office and into the fresh air to plant trees and shrubs along the Bronx River. Not only that, but all proceeds from our studio classes today are going to the Bronx River Alliance to help keep NYC green.


P.volve Plants Trees with the Bronx River Alliance for Earth Day | P.volve


How are you giving back this Earth Day and every day?

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