Happy Birthday to Our CEO, Rachel Katzman!

Happy Birthday, RK!


Today is not your average Monday. No— today we’re celebrating the birth of one of our fearless leaders, a tireless powerhouse with an impressive sneaker collection who’s running not one but two businesses, and the most stylish cat lady we’ve ever met. As P.volve’s CEO, she also happens to be a low key master chef and, of course, P’s original muse. 

You’ve seen her in the studio, streaming, and stories; she makes a mean bison burger and has hair that can do no wrong. Yep, today we’re wishing a happy birthday to none other than Rachel “RK” Katzman! 

 Rachel Katzman & Stephen Pasterino at New P.volve Studio | P.volve


And while she’s partying it up at Coachella (but still hard at work, no doubt), we’re sending her all the birthday vibes in this dedicated post. 


We’ve already touched on a few, but here just 5 things we love about RK:


  1. Her un-imitatable sense of style - While we most often see Rachel decked out in activewear, she still somehow manages to make even workout gear look more put-together than most of us at the office. Her enviable workout wardrobe aside, Rachel is never one to simply go with the trends but rather sets her own, and serves as our ultimate inspiration for ways to rework our everyday staples. But try as we might, we can never pull them off quite like RK. 
  2. Her cooking - In case you haven’t already, we strongly (strongly) suggest checking out P.volve’s recipe channel. Rachel is an expert in the art of intuitive cooking, and makes even the most intimidating dishes look simple and healthy. As P could tell you, she’s always experimenting in the kitchen, and we certainly don’t mind when she brings in the prototypes for some taste testing! 
  3. Her ambition - It takes a certain kind of person to found a company on their own or with a partner, but it takes a Rachel Katzman to do both— at the same time. While our favorite power couple has worked nonstop to take P.volve from a private training studio to a global fitness program, that didn’t stop RK from building her own dream business, Cuvée Beauty, along with it.  We admire anyone with goals and passion strong enough to reach them, and birthday’s aside, Rachel certainly takes the cake on that one. Her focus and dedication to everything she sets her mind to is one of our greatest motivators, and she never fails to find a way to set a goal and then take it up a notch (or ten). 
  4. Her leadership skills - If there is anyone who knows how to get *things* done (to keep this PG), it’s Rachel. From idea to execution, Rachel sees things through to the very end and will stop at nothing to make her truly inspired visions a reality. We don’t know how she does it all, but she does, and makes a point to account for everyone else’s ideas and opinions along the way.  
  5. Her love of cats - Let’s just say, they don’t call her “Katz” for nothing. We remember when she was terrified at the idea of getting a cat, but it took all of half a day for her to fall head over heels for little Nobu. It wasn’t long before one fur baby become two, and now we await her daily updates on the mischief of Nobu and Matsu with as much anticipation as the business reports (if not more so). 

 Rachel Katzman & Pet Cat, Matsu | P.volve


Happy birthday, Rachel! Here’s to another incredible year going down in style, and we can’t wait to see (and taste) what you cook up in the next!