Happy Birthday, P! Fun Facts About our Founder

Today is a day I think we are all grateful for— the day our founder Stephen “P” Pasterino was brought into this world to fulfill his destiny and spread an enlightened message of fitness to the masses. In honor of his special day, we thought it would be fun to get to know the less-publicized side of P (nothing scandalous, don’t worry).

Read on for some little known fun facts, from his greatest investment to his Starbucks order.

P, what’s your favorite..

Color? All the shades of light blue and purple of the sky, right at sunset.

Cuisine? The Mediterranean diet is my favorite. Lots of olive oil, fish, pasta with tomato sauce, red wine, and veggies. After that, I'd have to say Northern European food-- also has lots of veggies, as well as pot roasts, mashed potatoes, and red meat. My favorite places for food are in Italy, Paris, and Austria. Now that I think about it, my answers are very representative of my heritage!

Restaurant? Allard in Paris, it's where I took my wife Rachel the night we got engaged.

Rachel recipe? Definitely her chicken parmigiana. 

City? It is hard to say what my favorite city is because they all offer different things, but if I had to pick it would be London. It seems to be a nice cross breed of an American city with European culture. 

Movie? My favorite movie is probably Fight Club, as it has been extremely influential on me for the past 15 years. 

Book? My favorite book is “The Alchemist,” by Paolo Coelho. I have probably read it all the way through 8 times and, like my favorite movie, that book has also really influenced who I am and how I see the world. 

Starbucks order? I’m a matcha guy, so regular iced matcha. I do love coffee, but it makes me crash too hard. 

Brand? My favorite athletic brand is Alo Yoga. 

Now for the fun questions!

What is an absurd habit you have or weird thing you do?

The first thing I do every morning is vacuum. For some reason I love doing it! I’m obsessed with cleaning my apartment, it just wakes me up. Even when I’m half asleep, it gets me moving. 

What has been your greatest investment, monetarily or otherwise?

Monetarily it would be traveling. Otherwise, it would have to be investing time in other people. Building long-lasting relationships with people takes considerable time and energy and can take you away from your goals, but it is well worth it (usually). 

What is one behavior you’ve adopted in the past year that has improved your life?
This past year I have been spending more time out of the city, specifically in my hometown in New Jersey. To step out of the hustle and bustle and stress and step back into the place where I grew up has helped me realign myself with who I really am. My best friends are still the guys I knew I when I was a child, and spending time with them and my family as well as being closer to nature has been the healthiest habit I have formed this past year.

What are you looking forward to most in this next year of your life?
I'm so psyched to see everyone's progress in the 90 Day Challenge, honestly, and I can't wait to open the new flagship studio-- it's truly going to be the studio of my dreams. 

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