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Getting Started: How to Build Your Routine
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Getting Started: How to Build Your Routine

Ready to build a fitness routine that works with your body? One you can control and change based on your schedule, personal life and goals? 

It all starts with understanding how the combination of our methodclass offerings and equipment work together to unlock your best results—ones that help you feel good and look good. 

Which P.volve equipment kit should I buy? 

Our equipment kits are results-focused and purposefully bundled together for any goal you might have. And with three-month digital membership included with your kit, you’ll be ready to put any kit to good use with a variety of classes, both on demand and in the Live Virtual Studio. 

And with each workout under your belt, you’ll truly be able to see and feel the results throughout your body. That’s the power of the Total Transformation Kit. This all-inclusive equipment kit is our entire suite of equipment bundled together to get you the most results possibleWith it, you won’t just have every single tool we offer, including more advanced pieces like the p.3 and the slant board; you’ll also be able to complete every workout in our library and every class in the Live Virtual Studio. 

Want every P.volve basic and then some? That’s the Ultimate KitThis eight-piece set is a diverse mix of resistance bands and weighted equipment, getting you just about everything you need to do a robust number of workouts in our on-demand library. With this kit, you’ll get more ways to target the arms and legs than with the Starter Kit, and even more ways to focus on form, strength and mobility. 

If you’re looking for the most unique aspects of P.volve, go for the Signature Kit. This kit bundles our three patented pieces—the and p.3 trainer—to strengthen, tone and define your body in the most innovative ways. All three of these pieces were specially crafted to maximize results unlike any other fitness equipment on the market. 

Not ready to go all in on your equipment just yet? The Starter Kit has all the essentialsthe, 1.5 lb. ankle weights, heavy ankle band and gliders—to understand the method and build the foundation necessary to see incredible total-body results.  

How can I prepare for my workouts? 

Once your equipment is on its way and you have access to our digital catalog of workouts and the Live Virtual Studio, you’re ready to chat one-on-one with a trainer. This complimentary 15-minute consult offers the chance to build a routine tailored to your goals, whether related to injuries and pain, weight loss, toning, mobility and so much more. Your trainer can answer all questions about your equipment, the method, modifications oform, and make sure you feel fully prepared before getting started with your workouts. 

How can I learn proper form? 

Now, you’re ready to learn the moves that are most essential to our method. Our Moves to Master are our fundamentals—the core movements we build upon in every workout, whether in a glute-pumping Strength & Sculpt, a faster-paced Cardio Burn or a hip-opening Recover & Stretch class. 

Mastering each won’t just teach you how to move but also how to listen for the common glossary terms our trainers use in workouts. Together, you’ll have a holistic understanding of the method basics and be ready to take the next step. 

Where should I start? 

When it comes to your fitness routine, variety is the name of the gameand the Live Virtual Studio is the best way to experience it all with real-time trainer feedbackform corrections and the infectious energy of working out alongside other members in the P.volve community. Here, you’ll be able to tap into the fundamentals in a class format with The Foundation and dive deeper into hot topics with weekly P.volve 101 workshops. Then, move into a more regular cadence of Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn and Recover & Stretch. 

Next, you’ll be ready to mix on-demand workouts into your routine. Just as we recommend a combination of all our class types for best results, we also recommend a mix of Live Virtual Studio classes with on-demand workouts for the most versatility possible. You’ll find hundreds of workouts in the library that you can filter by equipment, fitness level, length of time, class type, body part focus, benefit and trainer lead. You’ll also find structured series that are guided, day-by-day programs based on specific goals, class type or duration.  

What do I do next? 

We recommend starting with the series that corresponds with your kit so you get a calendarized plan to get started with your equipment. 

Got the Total Transformation Kit in hand? You’re ready for the Summit 60, where you’ll start with foundational work and evolve into more advanced, challenging workouts. Or, with the Ultimate Kit, you’ll get complete guidance with the Getting Started: Ultimate Kit Strength & Sculpt series. The Signature Kit is perfect for the Transform Series, a five-day plan that will utilize all three pieces of proprietary equipment for max results. Or, with the Starter Kit, press play on the Getting Started: Starter Kit Strength & Sculpt series for six workouts that will teach you the fundamentals of your equipment. 

Eager to get started while you wait for your equipment? Go for the Getting Started: No Equipment series to nail down the basics using just your own body weight. 

Remember to keep in mind what you and your trainer talked about in your trainer consult and the goals you set for yourself. Let that act as the guide for your everyday routine and the workouts you explore. As always, reach out to with any questions or for more ways to personalize your routine. 


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