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Getting Race Day Ready with Sabrina Wieser | P.volve
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Getting Race Day Ready with Sabrina Wieser

As a low-impact fitness method centered on resistance and functional training, a question we get asked often (read: every day) is, where does cardio fit into the mix, if at all? 

We've tackled the cardio topic before, such as the best forms of cardio to pair with P.volve and why P.volve is the best thing to do pre-cardio, but we wanted to share some insights from within the P.volve community who are already putting it all into practice.

If you happen to be a runner yourself, you may well know that the Brooklyn Half Marathon is right around the corner, and you can be sure that Sabrina Wieser, aka @runningbrina, has been stepping up her race-day-ready routine. As a long-time runner, Sabrina has more recently become a consistent P.volver in efforts to balance out her cardio regimen and to help her run faster, stronger, better for the big day and beyond. 

Below, Sabrina shares her running story and perspective on the age-old question.

How do you fit wellness into your daily life?

Wellness is the foundation; it’s simply part of my routine. It’s mind, body and soul. Running balances my busy work life with quality time with myself. Taking care of my body and mind though running is what keeps me going. I start most of my days with a run and finish it with a workout at the gym. It’s just a part of me, of who I am, and it feels natural. I do it because I love my body and I want to take good care of it. 

 What does fitness mean to you?

Being able to run long distance, working out at the gym, or toning my body with P.volve, which is something I truly enjoy! It releases endorphins and benefits me in many ways. Totally aside from being in shape, P.volve also allows me to be more creative, balanced and energetic. 

How did you get started with running? 

I started running to lose weight— a classic reason for most of us. Running soon turned into something I could no longer live without. After 2 years or so, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw anymore, though. Since I was only running, I had lost too much weight. So I started working out in a more well-rounded way, took good care about my nutrition and ran more consciously so as to not lose too much weight (ie. no more running on empty stomach, adding the right fuel post-run and ensuring I eat enough). But I’m so glad I made that first step out the door 7 years ago - it has changed me in so many positive ways.  

 What do you do before or after a run? Do you stretch?

Stretching, and recovery in general, is crucial post-run. Most runners tend to forget about it, but I make sure to foam roll, stretch and apply special muscle rubs to my legs. It does help with your performance and should be a part of every runner’s routine. 

How do you think runners can incorporate P.volve into their fitness routine? What body focus is important to enhancing your running ability?

What I love about P.volve is how I’m able to work on my hips. I injured my left hip in 2018, so that’s a big focus area for me. Also, the stability work from performing certain exercises on one leg, leaning forward or moving to the side while holding light weights feels amazing. With P.volve, I work on smaller, harder-to-reach muscles that running can’t target. It’s always a challenge and requires a lot of energy and focus. 

What’s your favorite piece of P.volve equipment?

My favorite equipment are the ankle weights. I know it’s so simple, but lifting up my weighted leg and holding it while my upper body is turning or moving to the side is pretty hard. I can also use the ankle weights for hip and glute exercises, which I love. 

What's your favorite P.volve exercise?

My favorite exercise is anything that has to do with hip movement. Simple bridges with the p.ball are great, for example. 

Do you have any big goals for this year’s Brooklyn Half? 

My goal for the Brooklyn Half is to run a faster time than my previous half marathon, so I’m going for a personal best! When I put so much work into a race preparation, that’s usually what I’m going for. Generally speaking, my main goal overall when it comes to racing is to inspire others to sign up for one, too; to chase their dreams and never doubt themselves as to whether they could do it.

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