Follow These 3 Steps for the Perfect Plank

In P.volve, planks aren’t the be-all, end-all of ab work, but we certainly do incorporate them into our workouts. Usually, you’ll see planks used in a series with gliders (to engage the abs, arms, and glutes all at once), but you’ll rarely see an ordinary plank asking you to hold the same position for extended periods of time.

Still, your form is essential for nailing the proper plank, whether you’re doing one of our ab-glider moves or hitting your own series at the gym. Watch and learn below for three steps to get your plank right.

1. Start in a tabletop position shoulders directly in-line with wrist. This ensures you won’t put extra strain on the arms during your plank.

2. Bring legs out, feet locked and straight, with glutes engaged.

3. Bring navel to spine to engage core and support back.
 Be sure to keep hips up at this height to keep core activated the entire time.

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