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Finding Form and Confidence with Fashion Blogger Cass Dimicco
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Finding Form and Confidence with Fashion Blogger Cass Dimicco

When we found out that fashion and lifestyle blogger Cass Dimicco was a massive, we had to interview her for the blog! Between her 7AM sessions at the studio and strutting off to fashion week shows, we caught up with Cass to find out how P.volve is helping her get after her fitness goals, gear up for Spring, and gain greater confidence.

First, what is your favorite breakfast to fuel your day?
I always start with water and lemon and then I make Nespresso coffee and add Bulletproof brain octane oil. Brain octane has a ton of benefits such as increased brain power, energy, and metabolic rate. I also do intermittent fasting every morning so a few hours later I’ll have eggs with a little hot sauce. 

How did you find out about P.volve?
I heard Stephen talk about it on the Skinny Confidential podcast. As soon as I heard all of the differences about P.volve compared to other workouts, I had to try it. After the first time I ever streamed a workout I was hooked! 

Cass Dimicco p.volve fitness workout
What are you enjoying most about P.volve so far?
I love how each move requires perfect form so you really have to concentrate on activating each part of your body, it helps me stay focused the entire class without zoning out.  

What’s your favorite move?
The P.sit of course😊 It's crazy how such a small movement can fire up so many different parts of your body. The more I master my form for each move the more you feel it working.

Cass Dimicco p.volve fitness workout
What’s your favorite equipment to use?
I love using the gliders in plank position, it’s challenging but I love when I can feel my abs burning. Building core strength is so important.

How do you fit P.volve into your day?
7am! There's no better feeling than starting your morning feeling accomplished. Once you finish, you have your entire day ahead.

What song gets you in the zone?
I love taking class with Zach, he plays a ton of upbeat dance music.

Cass Dimicco p.volve fitness workout

What are you reading right now (beyond the P.volve blog, of course)?
The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, I like gaining knowledge that helps me be a better influencer. One of my resolutions is to read way more books this year.

What are your go-to beauty must-haves, post-gym and on-the-go?
I take my Skinceuticals C E Ferulic everywhere, it instantly makes your skin glow. Lately I’ve been trying not to wear makeup as much as possible. I notice such a difference when I have a full face of makeup on for a few consecutive days in a row. I also love Kopari coconut oil lip balm, it nourishes your lips and also looks like lip gloss. 

Lastly, how do you find your confidence? 
This is something I struggle with a lot. I try to take a step back from scrolling on Instagram and comparing myself to others. Instead I think about how far I’ve come and everything I have to be grateful for. Eating healthy and working out definitely helps me feel confident as well. 

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