Cardio, Diet, Skincare and More! Your Burning Questions, Answered

If you're a member of my streaming program, you guys know I can talk for days. Form is ev-er-y-thing in this method, so I always want to make sure I'm answering any questions you have about how to get it perfect, and achieve your full potential!

The down side of streaming is that I don't get to hear your most burning questions in real time, but I want to make sure I cover those, too! So, Rachel and I took to the P.volve Streaming Facebook Group and pulled some FAQs. 

Let's get into it! 

1) Best tips for activating the glutes while walking?
SQUEEZE YOUR BUTT-- ALWAYS. Extra emphasis on the "squeeze" and "always," in case that wasn't clear enough. The key is to be conscious of the glutes working and always push from the booty with every stride. 

2) How many days a week should I do the program? Should I take days off?
Anywhere from 4-6 days per week and, yes-- always take days off! Be in tune with your body and listen to it when it's telling you it needs a rest day. And this will vary from week to week; some weeks you'll be feeling the burn with only 2-3 days and other weeks you'll be gearing up for more. Know that whatever you can do is OK, and that you never want to push your body past it’s point. As all my clients can attest to, rest days are really when the magic happens. But that doesn't mean be lazy on the couch all day. Get in a good walk, and be sure to stretch or foam roll on those days, too! Check out this blog on why I believe rest days really are so important.

3) What dietary supplements do you recommend?
We (myself and my wife Rachel) don't take any “dietary” specific supplements but we love taking supplements that aid in digestion, promote vascular performance and endurance and overall health. A few of our favorites include magnesium for sleep, vitamin C to boost the immune system, and ashwagandha to better cope with stress.

4) What skincare brands do you recommend?
I turned to Rachel for this one-- ultimately, its hard to recommend specific brands because everybody’s skin has different needs and reacts differently to certain ingredients!

I would say to always look for a gentle cleanser (nothing foaming) and really wash your face! Use a cloth or cotton pad to take off all your makeup. Include some type of solution serum (hydration, oxygenating, clearing, toning, etc.) and feel free to layer them on! Eye cream is definitely a must, as is moisturizer, which Rachel tends to switch up with the seasons. And don't forget an SPF!

Rachel uses the brand Biologique Recherche and can tell you she is obsessed with everything they come out with, but especially their P50 toner. But again, know that all products and brands are not created equal when it comes to something as individualized and delicate as our skin.

5) Is biking ok for cardio?
Real biking is great! I'd say to avoid spinning though, as it puts excessive pressure on the joints. Check out this blog I wrote on the best cardio to pair with P.volve!

6) How many times a week should we use the P.ball?
3-4 times a week, and I just recommend taking a break in between those days you use it! Alternatively, you can use it 2 days on, 1 day off. You just don’t want to put too much pressure on those muscles, and it's always good to switch up equipment and what muscle group you're focusing on. 

7) What clothing brands are your favorite for working out?
We love Alo Yoga, Alala, Varley, and also love looking at Revolve for some more under-the-radar indie brands!

8) What nutrition plans / tips do you recommend?
We don’t follow one type of plan, as we try to eat in a very clean, wholesome way. We cook with real ingredients, limited salt, and no added sugars or pre-made sauces. Check out our YouTube channel for some go-to recipes! 

Being in tune with your body and knowing which foods work for you and what do not is the best way to use your food as fuel and get the most energy out of each meal. Your body will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t, so knowing how to pick up these signals are key! I wrote a whole blog on this very topic you can check out here.

Also, train your tastebuds to enjoy food in its natural form without all the added sauces and “fakeness” that our taste buds have become accustomed to from processed foods (this includes breads, store-bought meals and many packaged foods marketed as "healthy")!

Lastly, know that what works for one person may not work for others. So be it paleo, vegan, keto, etc., finding what works for you, your lifestyle and what ultimately makes you feel good and happy will be your answer! 


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