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How to Lift Your Butt in One Week
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How to Lift Your Butt in One Week

A pumped-up, lifted butt has its perks, but working these muscles is more important than we might realize. 

The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body, so ensuring it’s activated properly is key. “Your glutes not only stabilize your pelvis, but allow your hips to extend, internally and externally rotate, and abduct—all movements that we go through in our daily life,” trainer Maeve McEwen explains. “Weakened glutes not only compromise these functional movement patterns, but can also lead to tight hip flexors, low back and knee pain, and a weakened core.” For so many of us, those weakened glutes come after sitting at a desk all day at work or simply not moving enough, causing these muscles to “turn off” and lose their function over time. 

A 7 Day Butt Lift Workout Plan

It’s no surprise, then, that so much of our method prioritizes strengthening the glutes—and why we launched a new glute-centric series. The 7-Day Butt Lift & Tone series, led by Maeve, is designed to strengthen and sculpt the butt with some of the most targeted movements yet. “This program focuses heavily on activating your deep intrinsic core muscles and all of the smaller muscles surrounding your pelvis,” Maeve says. “So take your time to listen to the cues and rewind and pause the video as needed to correct your form! 

Is it possible to get a bigger butt in one week?

In just one week, you can begin to turn on dormant glute muscles and work the entire lower body from a variety of angles. This, paired with proper hip alignment and rotations, can yield impressive results in no time.

In this series, you’ll use the p.balllight ankle band and gliders together to work the glutes, core, low back and thighs—all areas that create a strong, resilient backside. But don’t expect to just see the same ‘ol moves you’re accustomed to. Maeve will take these butt workouts up a notch with new, versatile ways to use the equipment, like using the p.ball strap on its own around your ankles. This won’t only ensure effective fitness movements, but also target different angles of butt muscle for maximum results, even in just a week. 

Try the three butt lifting exercises below to get a bigger, firmer butt fast: 

  1. Deep Extension
  2. Sit & Sway
  3. Deep Glide

Deep Extension 

Wear your p.ball around your mid-thigh and begin in a wide p.stancemaintaining tension on the strap. While standing with your feet, sit back as deep as you can while keeping a long spine. Squeeze your glutes and drive your pelvis to full hip extension as you lift your heels.  Try to take a moment at the top to balance, engaging your core and glutes. Repeat this butt workout 8 times. 

Sit & Sway 

Begin in a wide p.stance with the p.ball strap around your ankles. Maintain tension on the strap and resistance bands and internally rotate to a forward 45. Sit and sway into the position to deepen the stretch in your standing glute. Return to the p.stance from your low abdominals.  Repeat this butt workout 8 times on both sides. 

Deep Glide  

Begin in a neutral 6:00 step back on the glider with light ankle band on as your starting position. Sit into your standing glute as you reach your working leg behind you keeping the knee long. Press through your standing heel and squeeze both glutes to glide to the starting step back position. At the top, squeeze your inner thighs and rotate through your abs towards your standing leg. Repeat this butt workout 8 times on both sides. 

Start the 7-Day Butt Lift and Tone series today, or if you’re new here, sign up for a free 14-day trial.