Beginners Guide To P.volve

Welcome to all my new streamers! I am so happy to have you be a part of the P.volve community and excited to have you start your fitness evolution with me. I frequently get asked where to, both start in terms of the P.volve equipment as well as the workouts. So, I threw together this post as a step-by-step roadmap to make it nice and simple for you.

Before we begin, I do want to make clear that all videos and exercises (except for those with the P.ball and can be done with no equipment. If you don’t have any equipment, or are waiting for your order to arrive and are itching to get started, I encourage you to still do the videos! Just make sure to go slower and really feel and engage each muscle as I call them out in the videos. I can’t say this enough-- form is everything!

Beyond that, I've actually developed a 2-week Beginner Series to help all new streamers establish perfect form, ignite those dormant muscles, and get familiar with the methodology. Hit that series before diving in to the rest of the library, and you'll have a solid foundation to keep going strong!

With that, let’s get into the equipment. To be sure, there is a reason I use a variety of equipment, both light and heavy. Each piece targets specific muscles to achieve different results, and ultimately aid you in reaching your fitness goals more efficiently.

Heavy Ankle Band
Yes—heavy first. People get confused when I instruct them to start with the heavy band rather than light, but the reason is this: the light ankle band is used for wider ranges of motion, which requires more open hips and the ability to constantly keep your knees and glutes back. Most beginners still have tighter hips and struggle a bit with the knee position, so I have them start with smaller ranges of motion on the heavy band to help loosen and open the hips, ignite the glutes and carve out deep definition down the side of the legs.

You can still do videos that call for the light ankle band, but try them out with no equipment to get comfortable with the moves, and establish that mind-body connection. The exercises we perform with the heavy ankle band will set you up for success for everything that is to come during my method. I want you to stay within your range of motion, learn the foot positions, and then learn how to take it a step further and push past thresholds.

If you’re looking to sculpt the inner thighs, lift the butt, and tighten the lower abs, nothing does it like the P.ball. I tried every piece of equipment out there and couldn’t find anything that worked, so I had to create it myself. Everything comes down to a science with this ball-- the size, the firmness, the resistance band straps—that has been carefully created to transform your lower body. I love using it both while standing up and down on the mat, and even holding it in your hands to engage the arms and perfect your posture. They key with the P.ball is to squeeze from the glutes, not the knees, as this is how we target and activate the inner lower glute muscles. Once those fire up, everything else tightens and lifts, as well. (Don’t just take my word for it-- check out the reviews from your fellow streamers here!)
It’s no secret that when it comes to sculpting out your upper body, the struggle is real. Luckily, the is our one-hit wonder for the arms, back, shoulders, and it even gets into the chest. The works to apply constant resistance to those muscle groups to get them to lengthen while they strengthen. Much like other P.volve equipment, the is great at getting the smaller muscles activated so that they are not dominated by the larger ones. Pinpointing certain areas of the bicep, triceps, shoulders and back, this exclusive piece of equipment creates a fully integrated upper body workout.

1.5lb Ankle Weights
While bodyweight exercises are extremely effective, added weight is crucial for getting those hard to reach muscles to activate in the hips, butt and thighs. Both fitness newbies and seasoned athletes alike, be warned—it is important to not throw on the heavy weights simply because you feel strong. Using the heavy weights can lead to using momentum rather than actually driving from the muscles. I like to slow everything down and make sure you are controlling the weight, not the other way around! I also tend to work in higher ranges of motion with the light weights but be careful that you don’t go past your threshold with this. You will gradually increase your range as you progress through your workouts, but as with anything worth achieving, that takes time and effort to do correctly.

I hope you found this guide helpful, and feel more confident in getting started with your P.volve transformation!

To purchase any and all equipment, visit our online shop here (we also sell all equipment in the studio, so be sure to inquire after your next class!)

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