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A Q&A with Aurora Culpo on Her Postpartum Workout Routine
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A Q&A with Aurora Culpo on Her Postpartum Workout Routine

For so many women, getting back into a fitness routine after having a baby is difficult, stressful and nearly impossible with a newborn in hand. Finding workouts that are safe and effective is even more difficult, but the P.volve Method is all that and more.

Aurora Culpo, influencer and wellness junkie, is one of many women who got back into the swing of working out with P.volve. "When I first began working out, my progress seemed slow and painstaking. I began gaining strength and I started noticing a difference in the way my body looked and felt after a few months of pacing myself," she says. "My outlook on fitness has changed because I've realized that staying consistent is most important, even if some days I could only squeeze in 10 minutes." Below, she shares more details on her postpartum experience. 

Q: Congrats on being a new mom! How has your fitness routine changed since having a baby?

A: My fitness routine has changed in several ways. I now work out around my baby’s sleep schedule. I used to go to classes, but now I work out at home so I don’t have to leave my baby with a sitter and I can maximize my free time. Pre-baby, I would work out for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour around 3-4 days a week, now I’ve become okay with getting in shorter, more focused workouts about 6 days a week.

Q: When did you start working out after having your baby?

A: I started working out when I got my doctors clearance about 6 weeks after the baby was born. These beginning workouts were low impact and fewer repetitions than I was used to. I was careful about not over-stretching because my body was still hyper-flexible due to hormones.

Q: How has P.volve helped in your postpartum journey?

A: P.volve has really helped take my workout routine into my own hands without having to rely on class schedules and leaving my home. Also P.volve’s emphasis on correct form has helped me steer clear of injuries and keep my progress moving forward.

Q: How did dealing with diastasis recti impact your ability to get back into shape?

A: Diastasis recti is when the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen separate during pregnancy, leaving a gap. I had to be extra careful of my form so that I didn't cause further damage. I had to avoid abs exercises, like crunches and sit-ups because they increase intra-abdominal pressure and actually bulge the abdominal muscles forward.

Q: Any advice for new moms with diastasis recti?

A: I would suggest avoiding exercises that cause your abs to bulge forward, ribs to flare and/or lower back to hurt.

Q: Favorite place to do P.volve?

A: While I do love streaming at home because its so convenient, I’m a class-setting person at heart and love hopping into classes when I have the time.

Aurora Culpo before and after | P.volve

Q: Do you have a go-to piece of P.volve equipment? Why is it your favorite?

A: I love the p.ball because it forces me to engage my pelvic floor, which I didn’t even know I had until after the baby! The p.ball is great because you can use it during almost any exercise and it adds that extra focus and support on the pelvic floor and core muscles.

Q: How do you balance having a new baby and taking time for yourself?

A: I’m still navigating this question and haven’t quite found true balance yet. Some things that have given me some sense of balance are working out, self-care like massages and facials and setting aside a date night a few times a month.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

A: I love getting to see the world through the eyes of new human; it reminds you of the magic that surrounds us every day but we’ve become blind to. Also, being a mom forces me to be the best version of me. I live more intentionally and thoughtfully now that I have someone who depends on me to be a positive example.

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