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Ask P: Equipment, Flat Fleet, Toning the Quads, & Weight Loss Tips
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Ask P: Equipment, Flat Fleet, Toning the Quads, & Weight Loss Tips

For today's blog, I'm back to tackle some more of your questions directly from the P.volve Streamer's Facebook Group. You guys ask a ton of amazing questions, so I can't wait to get right into it!

Q: When is it time to invest in equipment?  What’s the most valuable piece of equipment to have, and what’s best for beginner vs. intermediate?

A: Having all the equipment is very crucial for the workout to work to its full potential. You can do the workouts without equipment, but if you really want to maximize your results, equipment is the way to go. 

No single piece of equipment is the most valuable, as they all serve different functions. Surely, the most unique piece that simply can't be replicated would be the P.ball. Even if you want to do the rest of the workout equipment-free, I recommend the P.ball as the first piece of equipment you buy. 

In addition to the P.ball, it is best to start with light ankle weights and hand weights. I think those are the most necessary to really start learning the movements with the right amount of resistance. I would then follow up with the ankle bands (both heavy and light) as well as the and gliders as you move onto the intermediate workouts. The slant board and heavy ankle weights are definitely more advanced.

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What are your recommendations for people with flat feet and collapsing the arch of your foot while doing P.volve?

A: It is best to not wear shoes when doing this workout. That's true across the board, flat-footed or otherwise. Every time you are meant to collapse the arch of your foot, shift the weight and pressure into the ball of your foot and the big toe. Push down through the ball and big toe to engage the muscles of the foot and to help form an arch and send the chain reaction up your leg to get the proper muscles to turn on.

How do you slim down the top of the quad, like right where your hip joint connects with your leg?

A: The most effective tool for this is the heavy ankle band. Wearing the band, every time you step and lift the foot, the top of the quad and hip will activate. It is important to feel that activation, moving slowly through the stepping patterns and exaggerating the movements.

Q: What if you are doing P.volve on a consistent basis and feel improvements as far as toning your body but still have excess fat to lose, what should you do?

A: My first answer would be to tighten up your diet, cutting out the unhealthy stuff. Next, I would recommend light cardio before or after the workout. Light jogging, rowing, or light boxing is good. Be sure to check out my blog on the best cardio to pair with P.volve, and why P.volve is crucial for getting the most out of your cardio!

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