20 Minutes to Toned Arms & Abs

If you haven’t checked it out already, my latest Arms & Abs workout is up on the streaming website and I’m telling you, this workout will sculpt, define and contour the upper body like nothing else. When also paired with the rest of the p.volve program, this workout will add the finishing touches needed to transform the entire physique and create true total body strength. By now you have probably noticed that I don't talk about the abs and arms nearly as much as I talk about the glutes and thighs, but there’s reasoning behind this. Believe it or not, the arms and abs are not nearly as complex to tighten and tone as compared to the lower body. I have seen amazing results with all my clients through simple, short, yet massively effective moves, all of which I have now incorporated into this new 20-minute workout.

I have met a lot of women concerned with targeting the arms, and specifically what they like to call the “bat wings.” They all like to claim they are impossible to get rid of, but after a few shorts weeks of training with me and the p.band, I have been able to prove them wrong time and again. And these are not results you’re going to get with bicep curls and tricep extensions, but only with straight-arm motions through the shoulder; reaches; and pulls utilizing the p.band. If there were a magic pill for sculpting the arms and ridding yourself of these so-called bat wings, this workout would be the closest thing you’d find.

When it comes to abs, literally every exercise you do in the p.volve program is going to work them one way or another by keeping them constantly active and using different muscle drivers to work every layer of the core from every angle. Performing this level of activation on a near daily basis means you really do not need much else to create that contouring. In this workout, you will see that I add glider work, both standing and mat, to really bring out that extra definition without ever doing traditional ab moves like crunches (which can actually build out the abs and make them undesirably larger). Rather, by focusing on alternating slow, controlled engagement of the core muscles with stretching them out, you can create those long lean lines while defining natural curves. 

I designed this arm and ab workout to be super focused and targeted during all 20 minutes. If repeated multiple times a week, this routine will be all you need to transform your arms and give you that next level tightness in your abs—no other extreme workouts necessary or recommended! Compared to the lower body, there is a much lower risk of swelling and bulking in the upper body, as these areas aren’t as affected by long periods of sitting or the ground reaction force of walking or running. That said, the core and arms are still susceptible to over-development by performing repeated upper body weight motions through things like dance cardio or weight training boot camps. 

Before it’s release, I tested this workout with a number of clients in the gym, as well as with some die-hard streamers. They performed this exact same workout, repeated throughout the week either on its own or added to another streaming video, and the results blew my mind—and theirs! What makes this workout so effective? Ultimately, it’s all about conditioning the muscles through constant engagement and resistance versus breaking them down. To get rid of those bat wings, lengthen the triceps and sculpt the biceps rather than bulk them up, simply hit this workout 3-5 times a week and guaranteed you will be amazed at what 20 minutes can do!

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