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Armed & Ready: 3 Moves to Tone Without Equipment
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Armed & Ready: 3 Moves to Tone Without Equipment

Welcome to Armed & Ready, your one-stop shop for all things arms. At P.volve, we strive for long and strong, not sore and bulked. When it comes to the arms, there are countless ways to engage and tone, but it’s our commitment to form and innovative equipment that helps target those hard-to-reach spots. Last time, we worked on the underarm, and this time around, we’re showing you how to get an arm workout in without any equipment at all.

Toning the arms requires precise movements and proper form, but doesn’t always call for working with equipment. We, of course, will almost always suggest the or our 2-lb. hand weights for arm movements, but if done properly, no-equipment work can be just as effective. 

Working out without equipment means using your own body weight without any help from anything else. It’s not only a great way to tone and lean out the arms without bulk, but it’s also the ultimate convenience, considering these arm exercises can be done from anywhere. And that’s exactly what the moves are ahead, but don’t be fooled—they’re anything but easy. Each will challenge you to engage different areas of the arms without relying on a piece of equipment so you can add them to your “lazy girl morning routine.”

P.sit Presentation

Start in a p.sit position. Stretch arms out and engage with palms facing up as you sit deeper into sit before returning to starting position. Repeat 8 times.

Up & Away

Start in a high plank position. Rotate one arm up, palm open, while pushing into the ground through stationary arm. Repeat 8 times on both arms.

Plank Crawl 

Start in a high plank position. Push through the chest and step one arm in front of the other before pushing back to neutral position. Repeat 8 times on both arms.

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