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A Q&A with The Nue Co. Founder & CEO Jules Miller
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A Q&A with The Nue Co. Founder & CEO Jules Miller

Getting the mind and body to work in unison isn’t always easy. It may take a bit of trial and error to get the formula just right, but when you do, it can finally feel like putting together the pieces to a puzzle. And sometimes, finding that formula requires a little help from experts and supplements.  

Jules Miller, Founder & CEO of The Nue Co., was seeking exactly that when she created the organic, food-based supplement company. The Nue Co. uses science and natural innovation to offer products that can help when real, nourishing food can'tlike with pesky bloating, stress, sleep problems and more. 

Below, Jules answered our questions on how to use supplements to better your body and your life.  

Why did you start The Nue Co.? 

I started The Nue Co. to redefine our relationship with supplements. The way you feel about them, the way you consume them, and the way you buy them. 

We blend innovative science and nature to drive real results within 30 days. In a category that usually struggles with retention and works on a ‘one capsule for all’ model, we create supplements that target different need states, resulting in a repeat purchase rate close to 80%. Our products drive real results that you can feel.  

How did your personal health journey inspire you to start The Nue Co.? 

My journey began when I first developed IBS while working at Detox Kitchen. I spent a lot of my time (and money), trying different natural and non-natural products to help with my symptoms. I found that, as a general rule, 50% of the ingredients in supplements are composed of synthetic fillers, bulking agents, and processed ingredients –– all of which made my IBS worse.  I was disillusioned by brands touting misleading messaging, questionable ingredients, and poor-quality products. I soon realized that I could create a solution, so The Nue Co. was born! 

What role can supplements play in improving our wellbeing? 

As general advice, I always suggest starting with food and movement. Eating food from the ground rather than a packet, moving at some stage each day and listening to your body; If you feel tired, rest, and if you feel motivated, move! That being said, for the vast majority of us, it's hard to eat consistently, which is why supplements can be so important for your health.  

We believe the biggest trend in supplements is personalization—what works for one person may not work for you, which is why it’s so important to listen to your body. We aim to help our community in their journey to health, showing that there is no need for tactics or rules. It’s about stripping things back to basics and reconnecting with our bodies. We’re here to listen and guide—but most of all we are here to celebrate our community's journey without judgment.  

We’re so accustomed to understanding the physical benefits of supplements, but how can they help with our mental health, too? 

All of us will experience moments of high stress when our mental health will be affected. It’s completely normal and natural. This might affect us all in different ways, whether that’s feeling anxious, having headaches, feeling depressed or experiencing gut issues. The body and mind are one entity. Stress can manifest itself physically or emotionally, so as a wellness brand, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate and advocate to see mental health and physical health as one. As an example, we’ve used adaptogens to help regulate cortisol levels in our Defense Drops, and that’s because we know that high levels of stress can impair the immune response.  

If someone is just starting out with supplements, where should they start? 

For our subscribers, one-to-one guidance is important as it allows us to track the success of different product combinations on a monthly basis. This allows us to further personalize routines based around long-term product efficiency. We believe that everyone’s journey to health is personal and while no one understands your body like you do, we’re here to guide you through the process by providing supplements and education.  

That being said, there are two supplements I recommend everyone considera good-quality Vitamin D3, since almost 80% of vegans and 50% of meat-eaters are deficient in the essential vitamin, and our Pre+Pro 

What advice can you give to someone who may be looking to both nutrition and fitness to take care of mental health? 

There are a multitude of things you can do. I’m not a therapist, and therefore cannot give you legitimate advice on what to do, but I certainly can tell you what works for me 

First and foremost, I speak to someone. Either my friends, family, or husband. Others may seek guidance from someone who they don’t know personally, like a therapist. Either way, seeking community is hugely important.  

I then turn to my diet. I remove all caffeine, sugar and gluten. It’s crazy to see how FAST this works! Give it 7 days and you’ll start to notice some difference in your energy. I’ll also try to do some sort of fitness each day, maybe yoga or dancing - something low key to just get my mood up.  

I personally take our MOOD vitamin every day, and this is purely because I cannot commit to eating 100% right every day. When developing this product, I was stunned to see that gaps in my diet could be affecting my mood and how I regulate stress. We found that B and D Vitamins were essential for the production of key hormones such as serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. If fact, significant research now shows a correlation between deficiency and anxiety. The product contains 100% of RDA of all the B Vitamins, Vitamin D and a clinically researched Ashwagandha.  

From time to time, I also take our Nootropic to help me focus and power through a long work dayAnd lastly, but most importantly I use our Functional Fragrance - which is an anti-stress supplement delivered in the form of a unisex fragrance. To be honest, you have to smell it to believe it how amazing it is. 

How important do you think tying nutrition into a fitness routine is for optimal wellness?  

You simply can't out train a bad diet. I usually follow a paleo diet, and can honestly say that although I’ve gone through periods in my life of exercising everyday / to then doing very little because I’m focused on work - my health has remained relatively consistent.  

It’s important to find the right way of eating for your own body. I have friends to thrive off a vegan diet. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t the case. For me, it’s about organic, lean protein, huge colorful salads and lots of nuts and fruit. I have such a great foundation; I rarely crave sugary or processed foods. When I do, it's usually my hormones, so I go ahead and have whatever it is I’m craving. The worst thing you can do is live a life of reward and punishment with food or exercise.  

How does The Nue Cosupport mental health during this time? 

If you’ve walked through Soho, NYC in the last six months you may have seen our billboard. It’s still there today and asks one simple question, ‘How Are You, Really?’. This message is something we live by at The Nue Co. It’s the idea of tuning in with yourself and acknowledging what you are feeling both mentally and physically. As part of this message, we’ve been producing content designed to truly help people during this time of stress, whether that’s for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia or grief triggers.  

We have also launched our new collection of ‘How Are You, Really?’ t-shirts, of which 100% of profits are donated to our chosen mental health charity The Jed Foundation.  

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