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A Letter from Our CEO on International Women's Day
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A Letter from Our CEO on International Women's Day


So much has changed in the past two years at P.volve, but one thing has remained the same: the strength and leadership of the women I work beside every day. 

The same goes for the women I work out next to every day, too. I’m proud to say that our team of trainers is 70% women, each with their own teaching stylepassions and motivations. 

Like Melanie and Alexia, who come from dance backgrounds but express their love of movement through P.volve in a similar way. For Alexa, movement is just half of the picture. She takes her talents beyond the studio to help people eat and live better overall. And when you walk out of a class with Maeve, you can't help but smile because you know you learned something new (and probably worked your core harder than ever.) 

Some just radiate positivity and good vibes, no matter how early the class or how difficult the moveThat right there is Emma and Chloe. Then there’s Antonietta—a cancer survivor, a mother, and P.volve’s VP of Talent. She’s also a superhero and a warrior, if you ask me. And we can’t forget about two OG trainers, Celestine and Evan, whose passion for P.volve is real and tangible—whether in class, on Instagram or chatting one-on-one IRL. 

I can feel the same things across the country, too. First in Chicago, where two of our own are running the show at our pop-up in the West Loop—Kimmie, with a 360-degree view on wellness, and Linnea, with an infectious and fun-loving energy. 

Even further westHanna is putting the peaches of WeHo to work. And one of our newest addition, Dani, will soon follow suit in the studio and in streaming videos. 

I can only hope that just one of these women inspires you in the same way they inspire me. From our girl squad to yours, Happy International Women’s Day!  


Rachel Katzman, CEO & Co-Founder of P.volve