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6 Supermoms Share Their Favorite Parts of P.volve
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6 Supermoms Share Their Favorite Parts of P.volve

At P.volve, we're proud to say that our fitness can fit into your life, whether you're a college student squeezing in workouts in between classes, an ex-athlete trying to heal from an injury, or a working mom looking to start an entirely new fitness routine.

The last of the bunch often has the most difficulty finding time, space and motivation to work out, but so many moms have told us how P.volve has transformed their vision and expectation of exercise—such as trading in hours-long gym sessions for express videos and grueling workouts for movements that work with your body instead of against it.

The same goes for some of our celeb and influencer moms who have put our method to the test and found success with fitting workouts into their everyday lives (even if their kids wound up using their as a toy midway through!)

Daphne Oz Emmy-winning TV host, NY times bestseller, focused on wellness and nutrition, mom of three

“P.volve is brilliant for busy mamas like me looking to tone and tighten with precise, low-impact, highly-effective movements I can do anywhere (yes, even hiding in my bathroom!) No matter where I squeeze it in, it makes me feel so good to prioritize this time for my body and mind."

Jade Tolbert Former Bachelor star, mom of two

“I was introduced to P.volve a few months back and have loved every work out with them ever since. I can stream workouts right from home whenever I have a sliver of time and know I’m still going to get a challenging workout in that helps tone and strengthen my whole body.”

Mona-Jane Fitness addict and boy-mum 

“I am loving these amazing @pvolve workouts I recently tried, and are perfect for the post-partum mama tryna rebuild some strength and tighten up! They are resistance-based, low-impact, high-intensity workouts that use some cool innovative equipment to tone and sculpt.”

Bianca Gasparro of Holistic RX Holistic nutritionist, health coach, fitness professional and new mom

“P.volve online workouts are the perfect way to get back into fitness after having a baby because the moves are so minimal and are great for rebuilding core strength.”

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential Entrepreneur, content creator, author and podcast host 

“I’m a huge fan of low resistance workouts and I’ve watched many women’s bodies change by switching from high intensity to low intensity—and that’s exactly what P.volve is.

Molly Sims Actress, model, humanitarian, mom of three

“Now more than ever, I am beyond grateful for streamable workouts! Working from home with three children, I am always trying to squeeze in a workout during nap-time or a 30-minute TV show. P.volve’s method is effective and efficient! I’m also literally obsessed with the p.ball… I never knew these little movements would have such major and almost instant results.”

Learn more about the benefits of at-home workouts here, or start your 14-day free trial for access to hundreds of workouts on our streaming platform.