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4 Ideas To Celebrate Galentine’s Day
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4 Ideas To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

There is a lot of emphasis placed around the buildup to the holidays, namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. But there’s arguably another holiday that is just as deserving of all the hype, and that’s Galentine’s Day. While some say that Galentine’s Day (February 13th) is a made-up holiday, we say it’s as real as Valentine’s Day itself—and perhaps even more worthy of celebration.

Whether you have a romantic S.O. or not, your friendships serve as one of your greatest support networks, and we think that makes them pretty significant, too. And in contrast to having to deal with the pressure of planning a big romantic gesture, we can’t help but appreciate the casualness of Galentine’s Day. From brunch to bars, gym classes to movie nights, there’s no right or wrong way to do Galentine’s Day—nor do you have to stop at one event!

Check out the list below to get to planning your Galentine’s festivities:

1. Potluck brunch – Everyone brings their favorite brunch dish! This is the best way to not only save money for other activities, but you also don’t have to choose between the avocado toast and the gluten-free pancakes—it’s a free for all! We suggest serving P’s favorite egg scramble.

easy scrambled eggs

2. Galpal Movie night –
whether you choose a new release in theaters or your favorite girl-gang film of the ages, there’s no better excuse for a cozy night (not that you really needed one). Show yourselves some love with DIY facials (we love a good eye mask) and mani-pedis while you're at it! 

galentines day ideas

3. Get fit with your friends – attend a fitness class as a prequel to your movie night! We’re excited to announce our Galentine’s Day Studio Event hosted by none other than our favorite fitness duo @SweatsandtheCity. This 2-for-1 class (your gal pal is on us!) will be followed up with fresh juices from Jus by Julie and other treats! Reserve your spot now, before they sell out!

4. Host your own friendly fitness event – Make some space in your living room and host your own Galentine’s fitness class with Pvolve streaming! Show your best guests how much you care by prepping some anti-inflammatory flavored waters to keep hydrated, and some post-workout smoothies to serve afterwards. Then send your friends home with a month of free streaming with our Galentine’s day Refer-a-Friend special offer (and you’ll get a little something, too!)


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