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3 Moves to Refresh Your Body For Spring
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3 Moves to Refresh Your Body For Spring

Spring has officially sprung! The warmer temperatures are oh so inviting, and the farmers markets are teeming with all the fresh local produce of the season.

There is truly nothing like a change in season to get you re-energized and motivated to recommit to your goals and healthy habits. As we say "adios" to our winter wardrobe and pull out those transitional layers we've missed so much (or maybe forgot we even had), it's also time we breath that fresh spring air into our bodies and set the pace for the months ahead. 

Today, we're sharing 3 bodyweight moves that will not only work the core (hello crop tops!) but will lengthen, stretch, and reinvigorate the body anytime, anywhere. Hit these moves as a daily workout plan first thing in the morning, right before bed, or even during your lunch break-- get your whole team involved! You can think of this as a primer for your summer body workout. 

Go through the series on one side of the body, then repeat on the other.

1) Full Body Extension
On all fours, reach the right arm out in front of you, lightly tapping the floor, and extend the left leg back. Lift arm and leg up at same time, lengthening your body in both directions. Lower back down, and repeat for 8 reps.

2) Bear Crawl Twist
Starting in plank position, bring your left foot up to the outside of your left hand. Reach your left hand up and rotate open in a twist, allowing your torso to follow your hand. Replace left hand back to mat, and step back to plank. Repeat for 8 reps.

3) Plank Rock
Start in a forearm plank position. Slowly and controlled, rock forward and shift your weight into your forearms while pushing through chest and squeezing glutes. Then rock back, shifting your weight back into your toes, maintaining a flat back and lower belly tight. Repeat for 8 reps. 

We're a huge fan of setting reminders on your phone or leaving sticky notes where you'll see them, like on the fridge or mirror, to keep you motivated. Soon enough, it'll become a healthy habit without second thought! 

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