10 Questions with Blogger Jenny Lopez

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on the move lately. From Miami to London, Philly to Los Angeles, P and his bench of trainers are busy bringing P.volve to a city near you. Each destination has been packed with pop-up classes and PT sessions, and it’s been incredible getting to meet so many of our streamers, including beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger Jenny Lopez!

We caught up with Jenny at our SolYoga event in Miami where she shared her current healthy routines, from what she loves most about P.volve to her diet and even how she stays active and playful with her son.


What about P.volve resonates with you most?

I love the small moments that activate hard-to-reach muscles without having to do anything crazy or intense. Stephen created a very innovative routine that helps strengthen my core, shape my butt and slim my legs without bulking up. 

You’re a busy mother of one! What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

My favorite part of being a mom is having slumber parties with my son. We have fun pajama parties and watch movies like “Woody Woodpecker” (el Pajaro Loco), Lego movies and “The Incredibles.” I’m frequently traveling and juggling between being a mother and entrepreneur, so when I’m home I like to spend quality time with him doing more low key activities.

How do you find time to balance fitness in your life with kids? 

I love that I can stream P.volve because it makes it super easy to fit into my hectic schedule and I can do it anywhere. Along with P.volve, I really enjoy exercising with my son outside – I’ll rollerblade while he rides the bike!

How would you describe your dietary lifestyle?

Each day when I wake up, I do oil pulling with coconut oil to get rid of toxins and keep my gums and teeth healthy. I have a ritual of drinking 8 ounces of warm water, one whole squeezed lemon and a hint of cayenne pepper every morning.  Then I have my ketogenic coffee with mushrooms like chaga, hu shou wu, reishi, and cordyceps, it gives me more energy throughout the day.  I also follow an Ayurvedic diet so that my body feels at its best. 

Any advice for beginners to P.volve?

Stick to it! Consistency is key. Do the workout everyday for optimal results and to look and feel your best. I love that P.volve is a method you can do each day without being too intense or hard on your body. 

What’s your favorite piece of P.volve equipment?

The p.ball is my favorite piece of equipment because it helps workout my inner thighs and keep my butt lifted. I like using the resistance bands as well for stretching and sculpting long, lean muscles.

Any favorite streaming videos you love?

You really can’t go wrong with any of the videos! I always like switching up my routine and try a new one every day.

Where do you typically stream your workouts?

I stream the workouts in my house, at the office and while traveling. I really enjoy working out in the office or at the beach, it helps me relax and stay focused on certain movements. 

We know you love to travel, so how do you stay fit no matter where you are?

I am always on the go, so I eat as clean as possible, drink my hot water in the mornings, and try to get some form of exercise in each day, whether it’s streaming P.volve, biking, or walking around the new towns I’m visiting to discover the best hidden-away stores and gems.

Any tips and tricks on eating habits when on vacation?

I don’t really eat any differently than normal when I’m on vacation. I stay away from pork and red meat and always try to eat warm foods like vegetable soups, rice, chicken and veggies. I am always drinking tea -  green tea to keep my metabolism going, dandelion tea to minimize inflammation, and chamomile tea to help get a restful night’s sleep.  My smallest portion is always at night, I try to eat very light. 


We love hearing how Jenny seamlessly fits P.volve into her busy lifestyle, home or away, and how it supports her as a working mother while keeping active with her son! And you can bet we’re going to be spending a bit more time browsing the tea section.


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